Ship Shape

Ship Shape, the underground student community for Shippensburg University of PA. Meet new people, discuss teachers, get help with homework, search and find local venues, campus building times, Greek Life, campus clubs, best places to live on and off campus, shirts, student software deals, and much more. This is the social community for students to share ideas, discuss common interests, and search for those exciting weekend social events. Additionally, our complimentary mobiles apps include a closed instant messenger system exclusively for student use only. Sign up and you’re ready to run this Ship!


Website viewable at: Ship Student

Official Facebook Page


  • Secure posting of social events and campus news.
  • Local venue deals and software discounts.
  • Ship student-only campus instant messaging within apps.
  • Post homework questions for help and view club notices.
  • Create private social groups, review teachers, and buy t-shirts.
  • Continuous application updates and service improvements.
  • Alumni must request special access to post in the campus instant messenger.



Search “Ship-Shape” in app stores

The technology behind this service is more advanced than previous work in the mobile app and website field. A total of ten programming (including markup) languages were used in development for these services. Both Android and iOS along with a PHP web-framework were meshed together to create this presentation. Extensive server work was completed to further advance this service into a tightly-knit community. The largest challenges were writing the web services and mobile applications. Android being the most time consuming this time around.

For those computer science & MIS majors out there, the services are composed of the following languages/markup and technologies:

  1. PHP
  2. Java
  3. Javascript
  4. Objective-C
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. JSON
  8. MySQL
  9. XML
  10. jQuery


In union, the mobile apps and website work together to allow a student community to thrive independent of the college network. Website feeds are pulled to inside the apps and allow for logging-in and on the fly posting. Those who post within the website social groups are secure from outside viewers and advertisers. These groups allow for private posting of material for students and their own-delegated organizations such as clubs, Greek life, and friends. The apps offer an alternative posting area similar to the Facebook wall and a standard instant messenger exclusive to students called.

Included pages:

  • About
  • Blogs
  • Social Groups (very private)
  • Apps Features
  • Advertising
The advertising strategy. Students will be able to interact with vendors and converse in product feedback with the following instructions below.
  • Click the ”Contact Us’ or select the Paypal subscription portal (proceed with the subscription amount).
  • Wait for to confirm and contact you (this activates the business deal).
  • We setup your account with the proper permissions while you prepare your official avatar (an optional, dedicated forum is available upon request within the ‘Student Deals’ forum.
  • Pay monthly or annually (near unlimited freedom to market your business to students)
  • Continue renewal and proceed with reaching your target market.
  • Students wishing to sell books and apparel need not ask for permission within forums and social groups.

Promotional Flyer:

CUB Flyer

Ship MIS Club Plans

The MIS club was in need of a reboot in terms of its student enticement and practicality.   The club itself has failed to become what other clubs offer over the more recent years.  Many clubs do offer supplemental knowledge and experience not taught in the classroom.  Although Shippensburg’s MIS program is more business oriented, the club can fill the void with the more technical side of the major.  New technological projects are proposed and lessons are to be presented to regularly attending members.



Since becoming elected as President of the club, my resume building plans for members and the 2013/2014 year are as follows:

  • Lessons on small projects in Objective-C for the iPhone.
  • Invite guest speakers from competitive firms.
  • Organize the MIS career fair.
  • Java for Android tutorials.
  • Javascript?
  • How to read official documented APIs.
  • SQL databases to run practical tests with sample information on non-production servers.
  • How-tos on basic app development and the app anatomy.
  • Web development fundamentals in PHP and ASP.NET.
  • Divide the club into teams with assigned activities for the duration of each semester.
  • Version-controlled software development using Team Foundation Service.



Exposure to newer technologies, informative programming references, and techniques are crucial to one’s resume building.  The MIS club could potentially be the supplemental resume builder through these ideas. The club can be much more than an ordinary club, and with everyone’s input, the members could even put together a much larger-scale project applicable to everyone’s resume and for the university.  Stay updated!

Kappa Lambda Dashboard Online

Kappa Lambda Service Architecture
Kappa Sigma Architecture(full-size)

Following the desktop app and main website, integration of the app to the web was necessary.  The site’s need became necessary because of alumni requests and mobile devices.  The web-application fully integrates mobile phones, the desktop, and the Internet browser all at once and is built in ASP.NET.  All can be visited HERE.


The site is for general chapter management to help you record and exchange relevant statistics.

Features include:

  • Built-in asynchronous data collection between all connected devices.
  • Fully up-datable online records.
  • Brothers can write data and store it in the cloud for every brother to do their part in contacting the eager students.
  • This site is continually updated for new improvements to fit the organization’s needs.
  • The site can be used to document service hours, addresses, emails, dues, shirt sizes, chair positions, proficiencies, library hours, money donated, majors, and more.
  • Those registered on the parent site including alumni now have their names and email addresses visible to current members for event planning.
  • Secure central chapter management through SSL.
  • A mobile version is also sported (shown below).




About page (with links to internal administration):


Contact page:


1.  Login page to central management:


2.  Central administration menu:


3.  Support and Services menu:


4.  Brotherhood Directory management:


5.  Semester Events management:


6.  Potentials Information management (to replace standard sign-up sheets):


7.  Adding of brothers, events, potentials etc. into the central directory database and calendars.


8.  Registered users and alumni contact information pulled from the parent chapter site.


9.  Aggregated Statistics information display panel (scroll over with mouse for data description):


10.  Email form for sending on behalf of the chapter:


  • All data in the brotherhood directory, semester events, and potentials pages can be manipulated through the web in sync with phones and the desktop app.
  • The desktop app provides more secure management of the brotherhood directory in case of any unexpected issues (both work fully in-sync with one another).


Mobile homepage layout:


Mobile About page:


All can be visited HERE.

iPhone app: College BAC Calculator

A first serious attempt at iOS was made after a couple months of studying the Apple way.  Xcode has turned out to be an extremely good IDE as compared to many others.  In my opinion, it’s nearly as good as Visual Studio 2012.  This app is a follow-up to my Android version currently available on the Google Play store.  This however, is iAd supported.  The program takes four user inputs and calculates their blood alcohol content through a back-end equation.  One thing about iOS is that you could probably get away without learning the Objective-C language because the APIs are so vastly different than the base language, except the syntax.  Upon completion, I am satisfied with Apple’s good documentation and the language of Objective-C.  Below are the screenshots of the app and the link to the iTunes store, where it can be obtained for free (iPhone only).  Many more app projects will now follow.

The app can be downloaded on the Apple app store HERE

Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.37.21

Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.39.49 Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.37.54 Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.40.13

Android app: BAC Calculator

The first serious attempt at Android development came with many creative ideas and abstract coding.  Throughout the development cycle, many limitations of mobile programming were found such as carrying values to new activities, alert dialogs, and API functionality.  Overall, this application was a success and is now published in the Google Play store for free.  The app has a specific equation in the back-end to calculate one’s blood alcohol content (BAC).  Since many factors cannot be all taken care of in one equation and app, it is vital the user understands such.  A reminder at first launch to check the extras menu is to ensure the user which factors cannot be accounted for such as genetics, mood, medication, and many others etc.  Below are screenshots of the app’s different views and activities:

The app can be downloaded on the Google Play store HERE

  • Available to over 3410 devices.
  • Over 4000+ downloads of the app so far.


Formula’s final calculation based on user input:


Extras menu:


External factors:



Kappa Lambda Dashboard App

Quickly trailing PHP, Java, and Javascript application development, C# took over as a new interest of mine.  The entire .Net framework has captured my newfound interest in Windows programming.  With the introduction of Visual Studio, the realization of easy-to-design GUI was a welcome discovery into the amount of potential the integrated development environment could offer.  The authenticated login pictured below queries an online database to verify a username and password.  If incorrect credentials, a message box will notify the user and then more attempts will be allowed.  A couple of security features are taken into consideration with the way of its design.  SQL injections are not possible and login credentials can be changed instantly if there is ever a request.

Authenticated central login:


–Back to the university organization (fraternity).  The application was built around a core internet service by connecting to a remote database on my servers.  The database and application offer reading and writing functionality to the users of the app.  Displayed below is the event calendar for the current fall and spring semesters:


–Following the event calendar, the functionality of the application shines with the “Brotherhood Directory” tab.  The app offers asynchronous capability with all client users.  Since the app reads/writes to a remote database, the app loads changes and resources each time it is launched and thus, offering syncing capabilities across every users’ PC (cloud computing).  Information displayed below is an entire directory of user information, which has relevant statistics and data pertaining to the organization.

Cloud utilization


–The aggregated statistics tab includes information on entered information from multiple databases on the internet pertaining to this chapter.  Statistics include dues, most popular major, most service hours, service hours, average shirt size, etc.


–Next, follows a failsafe solution to tracking community service hours in case of database connection failures, which can also be accessed via an external website (failsafe since removed at v.


–An alternative to a standard sign-up sheet of interested rush attendees can enter their information at each proceeding event.  Brothers can collect the data and store it in the cloud for every brother to do their part in contacting the eager students.


–Lastly, the app includes a built-in privacy policy and links for developer help (my websites and email).  Also, the installation deeply integrates with the Windows operating system and can be launched directly from the Windows start-menu and Windows taskbar.


–The Support and Services tab includes links to websites and references and an EC button that prompts for a password to activate more administrative services such as enabling the button in the directory tab to delete an entire row.


–This wraps up my very successful C# endeavor with many more to come.  C# is a very practical, non-verbose language and I look forward to continue programming with it in the future.  The current app will always be updated for new improvements and to fit the user’s needs (and automatically checks the server for updates upon launch).  The app is currently distributed for download but will not be available for the public (only to the organization) for security reasons.  Stay tuned on new updates and programming challenges.


Update:   Removed failsafe solution, added matching color to the EC button, fixed SQL statements.


Supporting technologies include MySQL and PHP.

Currently at version


The upcoming fall semester is bound to be strenuous without a doubt.  A required course for my major, Visual Basic (and the .NET whole), is of a great interest of mine.  The point in my college career has finally come that truly gets my full attention (programming).  Learning a new programming language is always welcome, and this post will be updated often.  VB is a rapid-development language for the business-logic development, which is very practical and marketable in the IT sphere.  After this general-overview course, C++ follows shortly after in the spring.

–Finished the course with the grade of an A.

PHP Programming & Databases

After Java, I have picked a new language to focus on learning.  PHP, is the framework language behind database-driven websites and is one of the most popular on the Internet.  Studying this language will give me an edge in web development before graduating college.  PHP is very similar to Java is some aspects and with previous Java experience, the syntax is relatively straightforward.


Stay updated on my latest websites as you will see PHP in them from now on.


The latest PHP site is community service hours recording website with file I/O capabilities.  Check it out here.

–Since last posted, MySQL databases have heavily come into play.

Civic Research Alliance

Today, July 1st, was the start of my new job at the Civic Research Alliance as an Application Developer.  The company focuses on strategic government relations with municipalities, schools, and other government entities.  My plans include to implement a new website and then phone application technology.  The undisclosed project will be for municipalities and students, which will benefit all parties seeking their government’s information.  Stay updated to see our current progress with these ambitious projects.

Company description:

“The Civic Research Alliance was established to serve a niche clientele that requires independent, relatively complex analyses/strategic planning to proceed with significant decisions. Most organizations—government, non-profit, and for profit—cannot afford staffing to provide such services on an as-needed basis. It is the purpose of the Alliance, within its own limited resources, to assist as many of these organizations and government entities as possible.

The Alliance also serves as a resource facilitator, matching the needs and available resources of clients with services available from a wide array of organizations. The Alliance is not a stand alone organization; its partners may provide services that may never otherwise be sought by our clients. The purpose of the Alliance, when we do not directly provide services, is to find the right configuration of support, expertise and price for clients.

Our clients include municipalities of all types and sizes, school districts, consortia of organizations, and private enterprise. In addition, the Alliance provides major research projects for statewide organizations and state agencies.

The Civic Research Alliance has adopted a mission to also support smaller municipalities, school districts, nonprofit organizations, or small businesses with limited resources.”

Future Websites

From the featured introduction of Ship Kappa Sigma website and on, all new websites built by me will be hosted on KlineTel.   Personal updates, portfolio work, (with the absence of future websites except on the websites menu page), computer applications, and anything else that strikes my developmental interest etc. will continue on this site.  KlineTel offers a website venture with many options to consumers and holds one of the best appearances of any other website (to show-off new websites etc.).


Ship Kappa Sigma


After many  months of internal deliberation, the Kappa-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma decided on a new website redesign.   The website is now complete with a handful of informative links and brotherhood services.  The website includes a brotherhood services page, elected council page, news feeds, galleries, and a private chapter forum for all the fraternity’s needs.  VISIT AT:  Ship Kappa Sigma

The about and alumni page are one of many artistically designed pages, which represent the fraternity’s long history and commitment to its members.  Please click on the images or gallery below to view them in a proper picture resolution.  VISIT AT:  Ship Kappa Sigma

The private member forum is encompassed with a brother-approved login with restricted permissions from the public’s outside view.  Enclosed forums and posts cannot be seen to the public, except the model image below.  In terms of functionality and effort, the forum is where the Ship Kappa Sigma’s site really shines.  VISIT AT:  Ship Kappa Sigma

Once a brother, always a brother…



A new, direct-link image to KLINETEL


Desktop Application #1 (Update)

Here’s a new update to the online BAC calculator, which is now converted to a Windows desktop application.  Written in C#, a new favorite, there will be many new Windows forms to come, along with more from the .NET framework.

Factored in is: One 12oz beer, 5oz glass of wine or 1.5oz shot of liquor each equal one standard drink. One standard drink is approximately 6% pure ethanol.



Update 1:  Multi-platform Java version for Windows, Mac, & Linux now available.




Launch of KLINETEL

The launch of KlineTel is for an online identity that never stops continually improving.  The site however, is more marketed towards website development for small, local clients that need CMS-based website solutions for their business or personal uses.  The website will continue to evolve as will my skills in IT related-disciplines.  Stay updated and follow this new direction.  VISIT AT:  KlineTel




HTML5 Calculator

After a day or research, pragmatic Java programming, and learning basic jQuery, the blood alcohol content calculator (based on the Widmark formula) is now compete.  The accurate calculator uses a jQuery script to calculate from a standard HTML form.  The overlaying images of alcohol come from a Javascript function that repeatedly populates the screen with miniature PNGs.  Warnings and documentation is provided on the overall accuracy and factors that express an importance of a reasonable reliance on typical use.



Summer Courses

International Business 230 Syllabus

This summer two classes are officially registered starting the Summer I term.

Classes include:


1. Intro to Java Programming (CPS)

2. Intro to International Business


I am especially looking forward to the Java course.  Stay updated!




Joining the Shippensburg University programming team was the best academic decision made so far.  The sheer amount of knowledge gained from participation has been most helpful, which fellow students are quite eager to assist your personal development in the field.  This semester, teamwork played out to be a huge part of the success Shippensburg gained.  PACISE is a programming competition, which schools around the state compete to solve real-world problems through code.  The competition is tough, cutthroat, and overall intense.  Helping the team has brought excellent experience for myself.  The competition was hosted at Millersville University, which did not place in the competition.  Shippensburg University beat the odds and took the first place crown above all others.

Additionally, the development team, which created WATSON on the popular Jeopardy! show presented the research and technology behind the multi-million dollar project and how it is being developed to fit the needs of the healthcare industry.


Java Programming

All throughout senior year of high school, countless late nights and hours of working through Java code made me lose interest in the field technology.  A lack of enthusiasm from both my classmates and authority, invoked a break in what I realized I enjoyed most.  Since gaining an internship as a college freshman, I was given the title of an Information Technology Intern by the department’s CIO.  Closely working with application developers brought back the ambition to start anew.  Picking up a co-worker’s Java book helped gain back my basic bearings in the language.  Not only that, when transferring to Shippensburg University, the joining of the Programming Team (extracurricular club) made me appreciate the computer science to it’s fullest extent and was enthusiastically welcomed by fellow the students.  The basics of object-oriented programming have firmly been implanted in my understanding of Java, and will be taking a full summer course this summer.  Although an Management Information Systems major (BSBA), I can easily use the skills gained in this club for a competitive advantage in the job market come graduation and internship-seeking.  I look forward to fully studying the dynamic language and continually developing my abilities for the future.

Android Development

From the start of my second semester at Shippensburg University, interest in developing for Android became too good to ignore.  At first, developing for the iPhone seemed the way to go.  However, Android itself is an open source technology, which is built as a plugin for my personal favorite integrated development environment (IDE), Eclipse.  That being said, development is virtually free and runs on all mainstream operating systems in comparison to the proprietary Apple iPhone.  Planned this summer is spending countless hours of learning the Java and XML programming the apps run on.  Since starting, I have developed one application now published on the store for a college club and have use alternative methods to publish another for this site.  A total of two are now on the Android market available for download.  Many more applications are planned to be developed as soon as time allows.

Update, see app post:

Android Blood Alcohol Content Calculator:



App 2.  Apple Developer News