Ship Shape

Ship Shape, the underground student community for Shippensburg University of PA. Meet new people, discuss teachers, get help with homework, search and find local venues, campus building times, Greek Life, campus clubs, best places to live on and off campus, shirts, student software deals, and much more. This is the social community for students to share ideas, discuss common interests, and search for those exciting weekend social events. Additionally, our complimentary mobiles apps include a closed instant messenger system exclusively for student use only. Sign up and you’re ready to run this Ship!


Website viewable at: Ship Student

Official Facebook Page


  • Secure posting of social events and campus news.
  • Local venue deals and software discounts.
  • Ship student-only campus instant messaging within apps.
  • Post homework questions for help and view club notices.
  • Create private social groups, review teachers, and buy t-shirts.
  • Continuous application updates and service improvements.
  • Alumni must request special access to post in the campus instant messenger.



Search “Ship-Shape” in app stores

The technology behind this service is more advanced than previous work in the mobile app and website field. A total of ten programming (including markup) languages were used in development for these services. Both Android and iOS along with a PHP web-framework were meshed together to create this presentation. Extensive server work was completed to further advance this service into a tightly-knit community. The largest challenges were writing the web services and mobile applications. Android being the most time consuming this time around.

For those computer science & MIS majors out there, the services are composed of the following languages/markup and technologies:

  1. PHP
  2. Java
  3. Javascript
  4. Objective-C
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. JSON
  8. MySQL
  9. XML
  10. jQuery


In union, the mobile apps and website work together to allow a student community to thrive independent of the college network. Website feeds are pulled to inside the apps and allow for logging-in and on the fly posting. Those who post within the website social groups are secure from outside viewers and advertisers. These groups allow for private posting of material for students and their own-delegated organizations such as clubs, Greek life, and friends. The apps offer an alternative posting area similar to the Facebook wall and a standard instant messenger exclusive to students called.

Included pages:

  • About
  • Blogs
  • Social Groups (very private)
  • Apps Features
  • Advertising
The advertising strategy. Students will be able to interact with vendors and converse in product feedback with the following instructions below.
  • Click the ”Contact Us’ or select the Paypal subscription portal (proceed with the subscription amount).
  • Wait for shipstudent.com to confirm and contact you (this activates the business deal).
  • We setup your account with the proper permissions while you prepare your official avatar (an optional, dedicated forum is available upon request within the ‘Student Deals’ forum.
  • Pay monthly or annually (near unlimited freedom to market your business to students)
  • Continue renewal and proceed with reaching your target market.
  • Students wishing to sell books and apparel need not ask for permission within forums and social groups.

Promotional Flyer:

CUB Flyer