Ship MIS Club Plans

The MIS club was in need of a reboot in terms of its student enticement and practicality.   The club itself has failed to become what other clubs offer over the more recent years.  Many clubs do offer supplemental knowledge and experience not taught in the classroom.  Although Shippensburg’s MIS program is more business oriented, the club can fill the void with the more technical side of the major.  New technological projects are proposed and lessons are to be presented to regularly attending members.



Since becoming elected as President of the club, my resume building plans for members and the 2013/2014 year are as follows:

  • Lessons on small projects in Objective-C for the iPhone.
  • Invite guest speakers from competitive firms.
  • Organize the MIS career fair.
  • Java for Android tutorials.
  • Javascript?
  • How to read official documented APIs.
  • SQL databases to run practical tests with sample information on non-production servers.
  • How-tos on basic app development and the app anatomy.
  • Web development fundamentals in PHP and ASP.NET.
  • Divide the club into teams with assigned activities for the duration of each semester.
  • Version-controlled software development using Team Foundation Service.



Exposure to newer technologies, informative programming references, and techniques are crucial to one’s resume building.  The MIS club could potentially be the supplemental resume builder through these ideas. The club can be much more than an ordinary club, and with everyone’s input, the members could even put together a much larger-scale project applicable to everyone’s resume and for the university.  Stay updated!