Ship Kappa Sigma


After many  months of internal deliberation, the Kappa-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma decided on a new website redesign.   The website is now complete with a handful of informative links and brotherhood services.  The website includes a brotherhood services page, elected council page, news feeds, galleries, and a private chapter forum for all the fraternity’s needs.  VISIT AT:  Ship Kappa Sigma

The about and alumni page are one of many artistically designed pages, which represent the fraternity’s long history and commitment to its members.  Please click on the images or gallery below to view them in a proper picture resolution.  VISIT AT:  Ship Kappa Sigma

The private member forum is encompassed with a brother-approved login with restricted permissions from the public’s outside view.  Enclosed forums and posts cannot be seen to the public, except the model image below.  In terms of functionality and effort, the forum is where the Ship Kappa Sigma’s site really shines.  VISIT AT:  Ship Kappa Sigma

Once a brother, always a brother…