Personal Interests


Shippensburg University Greek Life

Transferring to Shippensburg University brought new friends and extracurricular activities to participate in.  A friend from the previous school brought my attention to Greek life’s social benefits and organization.  Since joining the Kappa Lambda chapter of Kappa Sigma, it has been nothing but good things when meeting new people and having them test out my written IT projects etc.

Cross Country Running

Senior year of high school brought out an interest of running.  Another friend recruited me to the Cross Country team and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Practices ranged from six miles a day to even nine.  Hard work and determination were the biggest aspects of this sport.  In the end, all is accomplishable through the mind.  Running is a new interest of mine and try to run as often as possible.


Weightlifting has also taken interested since high school.  Only have I taken seriously determination and heavy weight.  As with anything worth doing, it takes a long time and hard work.  Stated above for Cross Country, all things accomplishable are through the mind, not just the physical aspect.


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