Joining the Shippensburg University programming team was the best academic decision made so far.  The sheer amount of knowledge gained from participation has been most helpful, which fellow students are quite eager to assist your personal development in the field.  This semester, teamwork played out to be a huge part of the success Shippensburg gained.  PACISE is a programming competition, which schools around the state compete to solve real-world problems through code.  The competition is tough, cutthroat, and overall intense.  Helping the team has brought excellent experience for myself.  The competition was hosted at Millersville University, which did not place in the competition.  Shippensburg University beat the odds and took the first place crown above all others.

Additionally, the development team, which created WATSON on the popular Jeopardy! show presented the research and technology behind the multi-million dollar project and how it is being developed to fit the needs of the healthcare industry.