Kappa Lambda Dashboard App

Quickly trailing PHP, Java, and Javascript application development, C# took over as a new interest of mine.  The entire .Net framework has captured my newfound interest in Windows programming.  With the introduction of Visual Studio, the realization of easy-to-design GUI was a welcome discovery into the amount of potential the integrated development environment could offer.  The authenticated login pictured below queries an online database to verify a username and password.  If incorrect credentials, a message box will notify the user and then more attempts will be allowed.  A couple of security features are taken into consideration with the way of its design.  SQL injections are not possible and login credentials can be changed instantly if there is ever a request.

Authenticated central login:


–Back to the university organization (fraternity).  The application was built around a core internet service by connecting to a remote database on my servers.  The database and application offer reading and writing functionality to the users of the app.  Displayed below is the event calendar for the current fall and spring semesters:


–Following the event calendar, the functionality of the application shines with the “Brotherhood Directory” tab.  The app offers asynchronous capability with all client users.  Since the app reads/writes to a remote database, the app loads changes and resources each time it is launched and thus, offering syncing capabilities across every users’ PC (cloud computing).  Information displayed below is an entire directory of user information, which has relevant statistics and data pertaining to the organization.

Cloud utilization


–The aggregated statistics tab includes information on entered information from multiple databases on the internet pertaining to this chapter.  Statistics include dues, most popular major, most service hours, service hours, average shirt size, etc.


–Next, follows a failsafe solution to tracking community service hours in case of database connection failures, which can also be accessed via an external website (failsafe since removed at v.


–An alternative to a standard sign-up sheet of interested rush attendees can enter their information at each proceeding event.  Brothers can collect the data and store it in the cloud for every brother to do their part in contacting the eager students.


–Lastly, the app includes a built-in privacy policy and links for developer help (my websites and email).  Also, the installation deeply integrates with the Windows operating system and can be launched directly from the Windows start-menu and Windows taskbar.


–The Support and Services tab includes links to websites and references and an EC button that prompts for a password to activate more administrative services such as enabling the button in the directory tab to delete an entire row.


–This wraps up my very successful C# endeavor with many more to come.  C# is a very practical, non-verbose language and I look forward to continue programming with it in the future.  The current app will always be updated for new improvements and to fit the user’s needs (and automatically checks the server for updates upon launch).  The app is currently distributed for download but will not be available for the public (only to the organization) for security reasons.  Stay tuned on new updates and programming challenges.


Update:   Removed failsafe solution, added matching color to the EC button, fixed SQL statements.


Supporting technologies include MySQL and PHP.

Currently at version