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Kappa Lambda Service Architecture
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Following the desktop app and main website, integration of the app to the web was necessary.  The site’s need became necessary because of alumni requests and mobile devices.  The web-application fully integrates mobile phones, the desktop, and the Internet browser all at once and is built in ASP.NET.  All can be visited HERE.


The site is for general chapter management to help you record and exchange relevant statistics.

Features include:

  • Built-in asynchronous data collection between all connected devices.
  • Fully up-datable online records.
  • Brothers can write data and store it in the cloud for every brother to do their part in contacting the eager students.
  • This site is continually updated for new improvements to fit the organization’s needs.
  • The site can be used to document service hours, addresses, emails, dues, shirt sizes, chair positions, proficiencies, library hours, money donated, majors, and more.
  • Those registered on the parent site including alumni now have their names and email addresses visible to current members for event planning.
  • Secure central chapter management through SSL.
  • A mobile version is also sported (shown below).




About page (with links to internal administration):


Contact page:


1.  Login page to central management:


2.  Central administration menu:


3.  Support and Services menu:


4.  Brotherhood Directory management:


5.  Semester Events management:


6.  Potentials Information management (to replace standard sign-up sheets):


7.  Adding of brothers, events, potentials etc. into the central directory database and calendars.


8.  Registered users and alumni contact information pulled from the parent chapter site.


9.  Aggregated Statistics information display panel (scroll over with mouse for data description):


10.  Email form for sending on behalf of the chapter:


  • All data in the brotherhood directory, semester events, and potentials pages can be manipulated through the web in sync with phones and the desktop app.
  • The desktop app provides more secure management of the brotherhood directory in case of any unexpected issues (both work fully in-sync with one another).


Mobile homepage layout:


Mobile About page:


All can be visited HERE.