Java Programming

All throughout senior year of high school, countless late nights and hours of working through Java code made me lose interest in the field technology.  A lack of enthusiasm from both my classmates and authority, invoked a break in what I realized I enjoyed most.  Since gaining an internship as a college freshman, I was given the title of an Information Technology Intern by the department’s CIO.  Closely working with application developers brought back the ambition to start anew.  Picking up a co-worker’s Java book helped gain back my basic bearings in the language.  Not only that, when transferring to Shippensburg University, the joining of the Programming Team (extracurricular club) made me appreciate the computer science to it’s fullest extent and was enthusiastically welcomed by fellow the students.  The basics of object-oriented programming have firmly been implanted in my understanding of Java, and will be taking a full summer course this summer.  Although an Management Information Systems major (BSBA), I can easily use the skills gained in this club for a competitive advantage in the job market come graduation and internship-seeking.  I look forward to fully studying the dynamic language and continually developing my abilities for the future.