iPhone app: College BAC Calculator

A first serious attempt at iOS was made after a couple months of studying the Apple way.  Xcode has turned out to be an extremely good IDE as compared to many others.  In my opinion, it’s nearly as good as Visual Studio 2012.  This app is a follow-up to my Android version currently available on the Google Play store.  This however, is iAd supported.  The program takes four user inputs and calculates their blood alcohol content through a back-end equation.  One thing about iOS is that you could probably get away without learning the Objective-C language because the APIs are so vastly different than the base language, except the syntax.  Upon completion, I am satisfied with Apple’s good documentation and the language of Objective-C.  Below are the screenshots of the app and the link to the iTunes store, where it can be obtained for free (iPhone only).  Many more app projects will now follow.

The app can be downloaded on the Apple app store HERE

Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.37.21

Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.39.49 Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.37.54 Screenshot 2013.01.17 16.40.13