Practical Experience


Computer Courses, Programming Languages, and Software Experience:


Known Programming Languages:
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • (My)SQL
  • CSS
  • C-based languages


Novice Language Competency:
  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • Visual Basic
  • .Net Framework


Microsoft Visual Studio 

-C# Desktop Application Development


Oracle Netbeans Software Development Environment

-Java Desktop Application Development


Eclipse Software Development Environment

-Java programming

-Android development


Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Development Platform

-Appcelerator Titanium is the leading cross platform mobile development solution for native, hybrid, and mobile web applications.

-Titanium Studio is an extensible, Eclipse-based IDE for building Titanium Mobile applications and web applications.


Registered Android Developer

-Live apps on the Google Play Store.


Registered iOS Developer

-Live apps on the Apple App Store.


SAP Financial Software

-Timesheet tracking and financial reporting.


Programming Concepts (ISM 242)

-Visual Basic programming language.

-Visual Studio 2010 detailed study.

-Multiple forms creation, .NET properties.


Business Computer Systems (ISM 142)

Understand the basic concepts of information technologies and obtain knowledge of using computer application software. This course examines the roles and responsibilities of those involved in design, programming, and use of various types of business information systems within the corporate environment, potential future trends in IT,
and the implications these trends have on the world.


Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Programming

-Completed in high school.

-Java programming language.

-Obtained an understanding of programming fundamentals, construction, and internal functions.


Web Design & Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Suite 5

-Build and deploy HTML websites.

-Manipulate and style web pages with CSS3.

-Domain name purchase & registration, including deployment of pages to FTP servers.

-Edit and use all tools provided by the Web Design editor.

-All website & designing fundamentals.


Microsoft Office Suite 2001-2010

-Outlook proficiency.

-Publisher proficiency.

-Manipulate and construct professionally formatted Word documents.

-Excel proficiency.

-Advanced PowerPoint presentations.

-Combine and insert whole PowerPoint and Word documents into a uniform project.


Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Creative Suite 3 & Creative Suite 5

-Trace and outline images into creative logos and designs.

-Photoshop proficiency and ability to edit images from each pixel.

-Outline images and cut out into larger images and pieces into a larger project.

-Used Illustrator in all types of printing.

-Experience from graphic communication classes and personal use.


Computer Administration and General Use

-Download, install, and operate software.

-Use of virtual machines and installation of virtual operating systems.

-Open-source tools, VM-Ware, components, and Linux operating system experience.

-Use of all GUI-based Microsoft Windows operating systems.

-Use of Apple Mac OS X.

-Network set-up and file syncing.

-Hardware upgrades.

-Diagnostics and repair.

-Highly organized file storage, backup, and manipulation.

- All general functions and administrative tasks.