Civic Research Alliance

Today, July 1st, was the start of my new job at the Civic Research Alliance as an Application Developer.  The company focuses on strategic government relations with municipalities, schools, and other government entities.  My plans include to implement a new website and then phone application technology.  The undisclosed project will be for municipalities and students, which will benefit all parties seeking their government’s information.  Stay updated to see our current progress with these ambitious projects.

Company description:

“The Civic Research Alliance was established to serve a niche clientele that requires independent, relatively complex analyses/strategic planning to proceed with significant decisions. Most organizations—government, non-profit, and for profit—cannot afford staffing to provide such services on an as-needed basis. It is the purpose of the Alliance, within its own limited resources, to assist as many of these organizations and government entities as possible.

The Alliance also serves as a resource facilitator, matching the needs and available resources of clients with services available from a wide array of organizations. The Alliance is not a stand alone organization; its partners may provide services that may never otherwise be sought by our clients. The purpose of the Alliance, when we do not directly provide services, is to find the right configuration of support, expertise and price for clients.

Our clients include municipalities of all types and sizes, school districts, consortia of organizations, and private enterprise. In addition, the Alliance provides major research projects for statewide organizations and state agencies.

The Civic Research Alliance has adopted a mission to also support smaller municipalities, school districts, nonprofit organizations, or small businesses with limited resources.”