Android app: BAC Calculator

The first serious attempt at Android development came with many creative ideas and abstract coding.  Throughout the development cycle, many limitations of mobile programming were found such as carrying values to new activities, alert dialogs, and API functionality.  Overall, this application was a success and is now published in the Google Play store for free.  The app has a specific equation in the back-end to calculate one’s blood alcohol content (BAC).  Since many factors cannot be all taken care of in one equation and app, it is vital the user understands such.  A reminder at first launch to check the extras menu is to ensure the user which factors cannot be accounted for such as genetics, mood, medication, and many others etc.  Below are screenshots of the app’s different views and activities:

The app can be downloaded on the Google Play store HERE

  • Available to over 3410 devices.
  • Over 4000+ downloads of the app so far.


Formula’s final calculation based on user input:


Extras menu:


External factors: